Compare your shingle warranty

Compare apples to apples

Probably the easiest way to understand whether or not you are getting a good warranty is to compare the shingle warranties available to you. We have compiled our version of CertainTeed’s roofing shingle warranty comparison.

We want to make this process as easy as possible for you. We also strive to ensure that you are fully aware of what is covered and what may not be covered by your chosen warranty. Please reference the definitions available below to ensure you will know exactly what you are getting.


These are the shingles covered by the specific manufacturer’s warranty listed.

Warranty Coverage

This explains what each manufacturer considers a ‘defect’ that they would be willing to cover under the warranty.

Warranty Length

The length of time the warranty will be valid in some form. Also listed here is the requirements necessary to qualify for the full warranty.


Single Family Dwelling Home. A single-unit home does not include duplexes or apartments.

Non-Prorated Coverage

The specific costs covered in the non-prorated period. Material coverage will include accessories such as nails, flashings, etc. Also included is Labor. Tear off and disposal costs, such as a dumpster, vary depending on the manufacturer.

Non-Prorated Years

The amount of years the non-prorated coverage will be effective. Non-Prorated Non-SFDH Years The amount of years the non-prorated coverage will be effective in units other than Single Family Dwelling Homes. Pro-rated in Years The length of time covered by the prorated warranty. A pro-rated warranty only covers the cost of the shingles and does not cover labor or accessories. It also covers a smaller percentage of the shingle cost as time goes by.

Pro-rated Non-SFDH

The length of time covered by the prorated warranty in non-Single Family Dwelling Homes. This period is typically longer than the standard pro-rated period, meaning that the warranty continues to lower the percentage of shingle costs covered.

Retained Value SFDH

In a Single Family Dwelling Home, this is the percentage of shingles covered in by a lifetime warranty after the prorated period ends.


Defines if you are able to transfer the warranty, and if so, under what conditions.

Transfer Requirement

Most manufacturers require that you notify them of the transfer 60 days before you sell the home, or pay an additional fee.

Wind Warranty (MPH)

The strength of winds covered by the warranty. At Elite, we install our shingles with 6 nails ea, to give you the option of the highest wind warranty possible.

Wind Warranty (Years)

The length of time wind damage will be covered under the warranty. After this period, shingle blow-offs will not be covered.

If you are looking for an advanced architectural shingle, find the shingle of your choice on the chart below: