19-point Quality Control Checklist For Pitched Roofs

Each job is executed according to this roofing quality control checklist. We work hard to make sure no stone is left unturned.

At Elite, we pay our employees by the hour, as opposed to piece rate. This encourages them to do their best, highest quality work.

We work to protect you. From unbeatable warranties, to insurance and lien waivers, down to the actual roof itself, we want you to feel happy and secure in your purchase.

  1. Knock on the door and introduce yourself to the owner as the project foreman.
  2. Prepare grounds surrounding the roof to make sure there are no breakable tables, vases, etc. that are in line of falling objects and debris from the roof.
  3. Drip edge is locked and not too tight in corners, miter hip corners; unscratched.
  4. Deck is prepared properly for dry-in material. All nails are removed or replaced.
  5. Ice shield is installed over top of the drip edge metal, 24″ of exterior wall on drip eave.
  6. Six nails per full shingle for wind warranty or 4 nails for standard install
  7. Nails in shingles are inserted on the nail line.
  8. Ensure the shingling lines are straight. Use chalk lines if necessary.
  9. Side laps should be no closer than 4″ from each other.
  10. Valleys should be either Close Cut or W Metal Valleys .
  11. Aluminum flashings used against brick walls and chimneys.
  12. New pipe flashings on plumbing ventilation pipes.
  13. New flashings tight against the ducting (not just against the base skirt.)
  14. Perimeter shingles are hung over drip about 3/8″.
  15. Proper attic ventilation according to NRCA.
  16. Remove satellite dish to shingle under rather than going around with tar.
  17. Clean the ground daily with a magnet and rake the lawn if it is necessary.
  18. Knock on the door and communicate with the owner about the status of the job.
  19. Replace all items that were removed for safety to their original locations at the end of the job.