Lifetime Roofing

A metal roofing system can also be considered a “lifetime” roofing system, because of its visual appeal, longevity, and the outstanding value that comes with it.

Elite recommends the following metal, or lifetime, roofing products:

Symphony Slate by CertainTeed

This luxury residential roofing system looks and feels like expensive natural slate, but is lighter, more durable and a fraction of the price. Plus, Symphony Slate is an ENERGY STAR Qualified Product.

  • Excellent weathering capabilities for long life, combined with exceptional UV fade-resistant surface technology for superior color stability
  • Impact Resistant
  • Available in either pre-blended 12" bundles or pre-blended multiple width bundles consisting of pre-sorted 6", 9" and 12" tiles (eliminating the need for on-site sorting thus easing the installation process)
  • Available hip and ridge accessory to complement the shingles and enhance the slate-inspired look of the roofline
  • Thicker nominal ½” profile for a richer, more beautiful appearance

Green Generation Shingles from Avalanche Building Products

Historically, most roofing systems such as asphalt, wood, tile, etc. only provide a temporary roofing solution to a permanent need. Blosser Stephens developed the Green Generation Shingle using the highest quality raw materials to allow every home owner and commercial establishment the opportunity to afford a lifetime, worry free, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient roofing system.

Avalanche offers a selection of metal roofing shingles and shakes in classic, traditional shades. Along with being beautiful to look at, these shingles are durable and eco-friendly:

  • Wind warranty up to 200 mph (322 kph)
  • Limited lifetime, transferable warranty
  • Green Generation Shingles are fully recyclable, and are made from recycled steel
  • Non-combustible
  • Shingles are coated with 4 coats of Kynar/Hylar which creates the look of stone or wood without adding unnecessary weight to the shingles. Weighs only 66 lbs. per square
  • Concealed fastening system that uses 3M VHB adhesive and low profile screws
  • Durable: no hems to fail in rain or snow

Grand Manor Asphalt Single from CertainTeed

  • Best on the market according to Consumer Reports
  • The best of the best, an ideal choice for homes with great steep sloped roofs
  • Randomly placed tabs have shadow lines that provide the depth and dimension of a natural slate roof
  • Authentic depth and dimension of natural slate.

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